Help us to build a Safer work place for our industry

Tech Safety Group, together with (AKH) and (UKH) communities, are engaged in developing the Fertilizer Technologies Risk Register.

Based on a cloud platform the Risk Register is available to all UKH and AKH users for consultation, review and input.

The development of this industry specific risk register is a volunteer process and the purpose is to improve the process safety and risk knowledge in fertilizer plants around the world. We gather our data from various industry sources like: safety bulletins, fertilizer organization articles, site experience and operational input from our members.

All information is treated strictly confidential.

We believe the fertilizer industry deserves to increase the accuracy of process safety studies and to be able to answer questions like:

  • Have we missed anything during our safety studies and reviews?
  • Have we covered all the significant risks?
  • Have all prevention and/or mitigation measures been considered?
  • Are we sure, as a project team, that we have done everything possible to reduce risks to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) level?
  • Can we demonstrate ALARP to an auditor or government regulator in a concise way?
  • Submitting thousands of pages of Safety Case reports is the industry standard practice, but can we complement that in a better way?

Tech Safety Group specialists cannot answer to all these questions alone, but with the help from UKH and AKH users we can build a strong environment where all of us can go and look for information.

You can contribute to our efforts with your experience, technical input and process review.

Help us to build a Safer work place for our industry.

Login to or to review the risk register, or contact Mark Brouwer ( or Dan Cojocaru ( if you would like to contribute to the Risk Registers.

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