Specific Process Safety Risks in Ammonia and Urea plants

Identification and assessments tools

19 – 21 June 2019 Amsterdam, the Netherlands

About this course

Learn to identify, assess and communicate process safety risks in Ammonia and Urea plants This course examines the causes and prevention of ammonia and urea incidents. It categorises the key hazards which must be controlled and reviews in detail the most common hazards associated with ammonia and urea plants. The course draws upon the past industry accidents and incidents, as well as errors in design, only revealed in operation. You will gain an understanding of the key operation, maintenance and plant modification aspects which must be controlled to ensure safe operation of ammonia and urea plants. Effective risk assessment is fundamental to protecting businesses against the potentially devastating impact of process safety incidents; in most countries it is also a legal requirement. This course describes the processes used to identify, assess and communicate process risks from a safety, environmental or business perspective, from a simple qualitative approach to fully quantified assessments, together with the demonstration that risks are as low as reasonably practicable. You will better understand the principles of inherent safety and their application to existing facilities. This practical course uses real-life examples that can help establish a safer, more efficient and more profitable plant.


Day 1 – Risk identification and assessment tools

Module 1: Hazard identification and risk management for operation plants

Module 2: Using lessons learned from past incidents in Ammonia and Urea plants

Module 3: Key findings and recommendation for Ammonia and Urea hazards

Risk Assessment (Workshop)


Day 2 – Specific HSE risks for Urea plants

Module 1: The Lessons Learned from the First 100 Safety Hazards in Urea Plants

Module 2: Explosion Risks (Workshop)

Module 3: Environmental Management for Urea Plants


Day 3 – Specific HSE risks for Ammonia plants

Module 1: Incidents and corrective actions in Ammonia plants

Module 2: Incidents and corrective actions in Ammonia plants



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