Schoeller-Bleckmann Nitec, member of Christof Group, specializes in manufacturing equipment for the fertilizer and petrochemical industries. Our products have a long established international reputation.

Besides our strong presence in the Urea market our focus is also particularly on Ammonia and includes equipment for:

  • Desulphurization and Reforming
    • Primary Reformer, Transferline, Riser, Header
    • Secondary Reformer incl. Refractory Lining, Process Gas Cooler
  • CO Conversion
    • Columns, Waste Heat Boiler, Heat Exchangers
  • Methanation
    • Vessels and Heat Exchangers
  • Ammonia Synthesis
    • Ammonia Converters and Internals, High Pressure Heat Exchangers, Waste Heat Boilers
  • Ammonia Refrigeration
    • Ammonia Condenser, Ammonia Separator
  • Process Condensate Stripping
    • Heat Exchangers, Coolers

Our employees’ comprehensive know-how extends to the today’s most advanced materials. This expertise, and our long experience in the design and fabrication of sophisticated process equipment permit precise compliance with customer requirements. Top-quality design and execution, and on-time delivery are a matter of course. We have ultra-modern production facilities allowing to fabricate and ship our products for weights up to 600 tons and more, a wide range of plant and machinery, and a highly skilled, motivated and flexible workforce.

SBN is not only fabricating equipment for grassroot and operating plants, but is also active in repairs and modifications to be carried out in-situ. A specially trained workforce is regularly performing re-tubing of heat exchangers and re-lining besides other types of repair work.

We always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of planning, production, quality testing and delivery dates – because complete customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Ammonia Know How