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Protomation develops high-fidelity Operator Training Simulators (OTS) for the oil, gas and chemical industry and is based in Sittard the Netherlands. Our background includes over 20 years of experience in software development, dynamic simulation, process control and chemical processes.

Operator Training Simulator (OTS) solutions

With twenty years of know-how and experience Protomation supplies state-of-the-art Operator Training Simulator (OTS) solutions.

Through process simulation, we offer specific and practical training and educational tools. OTS training will reduce downtime and loss of plant capacity. Working in close cooperation with our customers, we can make a significant contribution to safety, cost effectiveness, synergy as well as minimising the impact on the environment.

Protomation’s OTS will be based on Process Studio™, Protomation’s comprehensive simulation suite for simulation, modelling and engineering. To have a proper training on the start-up, shutdown and dynamic behaviour of the plant a high-fidelity OTS based on first-principles modelling is a necessity. The dynamic simulation can make use of proprietary licensor thermodynamics and reaction kinetics to ensure an accurate and realistic simulation over the whole operating range. This all together assures the optimal performance of the dynamic model.

The OTS for a project can either be a Process Studio™ based Direct-Connect version that connects the simulation model with a DCS system which is identical to the system being used in the plant or be a fully Process Studio™ based version including the (generic) DCS emulation.

An Operator Training Simulator can vary from a single equipment application (i.e. steam generator, compressor, catalyst reduction etc.) to a complex plant application.


Several Operator Training Simulators in the field of Urea synthesis and fluid bed granulation were developed for Stamicarbon in the Netherlands, Petrobras in Brasil and SKW in Germany.


  • - Operator Training Simulators (OTS)
  • - Process Studio™: Protomation’s comprehensive simulation suite for simulation, modelling and engineering
  • - Operator Excellence Manager: Combining e-Learning Theory with Simulation Practice within a Learning Management System
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