Raising the bar for Fertilizer Industry - Operational Excellence

AmmoniaKnowHow.com’s partner Fertilizer Industrial Services has recently been appointed by an European fertilizer company to implement the Operational Excellence (OE) within their Operational, Engineering and Maintenance departments. The project has started in June 2017 and for the first 12 months the focus is on designing the OE system including company standards, best industry practices and engineering guidelines.

What is Operational Excellence?

For companies aiming to achieve operational excellence that means managing costs and optimising business processes across functional and organisational departments to allow them to operate extremely efficiently and effectively.
Shortly speaking, it means being efficient and cost effective in your daily operation.

What does it take to achieve Operational Excellence?

A company must develop specific competences related to cost management, quality management and process excellence as well as create a set of structures, systems, values and cultures that support these competences.

How long does it take to achieve Operational Excellence?
Based on petrochemical industry experience, in particular the oil & gas industry, it may take as long as 5 years to implement Operational Excellence within an organization.
OE journey to full operational potential
Source Bain & Company

AmmoniaKnowHow.com and UreaKnowHow.com have embarked on a journey to introduce the Operational Excellence within the fertilizer industry by:

Supporting organisations in developing clear roles, responsibilities and the right structure,

Developing operational processes frameworks that clearly demonstrate what “good” looks like,

Implementing the best demonstrated practices in the industry that explain how to attain operational excellence,

Implementing organizational standards, practices and guidelines to set the working structure with clear roles, responsibilities and actions by project phase, discipline, and level of authority,

Developing best industry practice guidelines and internal standards for fertilizer companies,

Management of Change implementation to keep track of design changes and modification of plants during revamps or annual turn-arounds,


Process Safety discipline introduction and Risk Management Departments development as well as the workflow between these two.
Developing unique tools such as Ammonia and Urea Risk Registers as well as proprietary software tools for process safety and risk assessments.


For Maintenance the goal is to achieve excellence in Maintenance Management by using Continuous Improvement principles and processes within the industry, while verifying performance with benchmarking that considers:
• People – Must be competent and ensure safe workforce.
• Process – Applying structure and rigor towards common work processes.
• Plant – Maximize equipment availability and reliability.
• Performance – Effective use of resources while optimizing cost.

Sharing our experience and technology knowhow during HAZOP studies and Process Safety Management implementation programs,

Developing corporate key registers for fertilizer companies:
• Operation and Projects Risk Registers
• Action Tracking Registers to monitor, trace and approve all actions
• As Low As Reasonable Practicable (ALARP) strategy implementation
• Lesson Learnt registers
• Company knowledge system setup.

AmmoniaKnowHow.com and UreaKnowHow.com will start publishing a series of articles related with implementation of Operational Excellence based on our current projects experience and fertilizer industry practice.

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