Operational HAZOP and SIL studies for Ammonia and Urea plants

AmmoniaKnowHow process safety partner Tech Safety Group (TSG) specialists together with UreaKnowHow (UKH) consultants are involved in a series of HAZOP and SIL studies for a fertilizer manufacturer in Europe.

The studies scope covers Ammonia plants, Urea plant, Ammonia storage tank and compressor refrigeration unit. The HAZOP and SIL methodologies are developed by Tech Safety Group to focus on operational aspects for covering the challenges in operation.

During the studies, TSG and UKH engineers will provide process technology input acting as Independent Process experts with the “cold eye” view.

HAZOP studies are prepared and facilitated by Tech Safety Group specialists.

After the studies are completed, all major risks identified will be assessed and uploaded into the company risk register together with mitigation and protection barriers. All HAZOP actions will be tracked and closed by using a specially designed action tracking system that allows real time review of action status and overall progress.

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