Key Engineering Activities & Deliverables specific for EPC projects

The key engineering activities and deliverables for EPC projects are listed in the table below.

This list is subject to variation, however, based on good engineering practice, these are the key engineering activities and deliverables that shall be present in EPC projects for ammonia and urea plants and delivered at the end of the project.

Activity/ Deliverable

Status at end of Select Phase

Status at end of Define Phase

Status at end of Execute Phase

Project Management/Multidiscipline

Work Program Conceptual Ongoing Finalized
Allocation of Resources Preliminary Ongoing Finalized
Basis of Design Conceptual Preliminary Finalized
Identification of and compliance with legislated Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental requirements Preliminary Ongoing Final
Identify Safety hazards for asset lifecycle, Assess Risks and develop hazard management strategies in line with hierarchy of controls Preliminary Ongoing Finalized
Design Reviews Complete Complete Complete
FEED Report N/A Final N/A
Design Reports Conceptual Preliminary Finalized

Safety & Risk

Hazard Identification (HAZID) & Risk Assessment (Qualitative) Study Comparative Preliminary Finalized
Safety Philosophies Preliminary Complete Complete
Quantitative Assessment of hazard consequence zones and risks (e.g. Fire and Explosion Analysis, Transport Risk Analysis, Fire Safety Study etc.) Preliminary to aid decision making Ongoing Finalized
Non Hydrocarbon Hazard Assessment Comparative Preliminary Finalized
Smoke and Gas Ingress Analysis N/A Preliminary Finalized
Emergency Systems Survivability Analysis N/A Preliminary Finalized
Safety Case or Security Report Conceptual Preliminary Complete
Hazard & Operability Study (HAZOP) N/A Preliminary Complete
Safety Integrity Level Determination N/A Preliminary Complete
Safety Integrity Level Verification N/A Preliminary Complete
Human Factors Analysis / Ergonomics N/A Preliminary Complete
Permitting and approvals Preliminary Ongoing Finalized

HSE / Environmental

Review of emissions Preliminary Ongoing Finalized
HSE Management Plan N/A Ongoing Finalized
Human Health Assessments N/A Preliminary Finalized
Environmental Impact Assessments Preliminary Complete Finalized

Process Engineering

Process Description Preliminary Final
Equipment Sizing Preliminary for major equipment Complete for major equipment

Preliminary for other equipment

Line Sizing Preliminary for major process lines Complete for major process lines

Preliminary for minor process and utility lines

PFDs Preliminary Complete Finalized
P&IDs Preliminary for major systems Complete Finalized
Heat and Material Balances Preliminary Complete Finalized
Operating and Control Philosophy Conceptual Complete Finalized
Hazardous Material Notes Preliminary Complete Finalized
Relief and Blowdown Study Preliminary Complete Finalized

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Equipment List Preliminary Complete Finalized
Pipe Stressing Preliminary Finalized
Equipment Specifications and Data Sheets Preliminary Finalized

Piping Design

Site Survey Documents Conceptual Preliminary Finalized
Plot Plan Development Conceptual Complete Finalized
Piping Arrangements Conceptual Preliminary Finalized
Piping Specifications Conceptual Preliminary Finalized
Piping Isometrics Preliminary Finalized
MTO’s Preliminary Finalized

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Equipment List Conceptual Complete Finalized
Power Requirements Conceptual Complete Finalized
Hazardous Area Design Conceptual Complete Finalized
Single Line Diagrams Conceptual Complete Finalized

Instrument Engineering

SIL Determination N/A Complete Finalized
Instrument Index Preliminary Finalized
Block Diagrams Conceptual Complete Finalized
Loop Diagrams Preliminary Finalized
Safety Related Instrumentation Philosophy Conceptual Complete Finalized
Cause and Effect Diagrams Conceptual Complete Finalized

Civil/ Structural Engineering

Building and Construction Specifications Preliminary Finalized
Structural Framing General Arrangements Conceptual Preliminary Finalized
Foundation General Arrangements Conceptual Preliminary Finalized
Roads, Paving and Drainage Arrangements and Details Conceptual Preliminary Finalized
Underground Services Arrangement and details Conceptual Preliminary Finalized
Transportation and Lifting Assessment Conceptual Preliminary Finalized
Geotechnical Assessment Preliminary Complete
Demolition Requirements Conceptual Preliminary Finalized
Constructability Assessment Preliminary Finalized
Weight Control Reports Conceptual Preliminary Finalized


The terms in the table are as follows:

  • Conceptual – Work on the deliverable has commenced. Development normally limited to sketches, approximate outlines, concept descriptions/philosophies or a similar level of early completion.
  • Preliminary – Work on the deliverable is advanced. Interim, cross functional reviews have usually been conducted.  Development may be near completion except for final reviews and approval.
  • Complete – Deliverable has been completed reviewed and approved as appropriate to the level it could be with due consideration being given to the level of detail that the respective phase has considered.
  • Finalized – Similar to complete in that the deliverable has been reviewed and approved, but also incorporating any changes during the course of the phase (e.g. certified supplier data incorporation, final comments arising for detailed design process etc)


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