HPLC nitric acid flush

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HPLC nitric acid flush

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I am getting geared up to give my LC (Waters Delta 600, 717plus A/S, 2487, 2475) a little spring cleaning. I am particularly concerned that I recently contaminated the system with some micron to nanometer size iron oxide particles. (Failed experiment trying to custom-pack a column with material that had a lot of fines....) In fact, I can see some rusty red buildup inside the transparent tubing I have as the last leg of my effluent line going into my waste jug. So I am going to flush the system with HNO3, to hopefully dissolve any metal oxides. Then follow with MeOH. My Question: How much HNO3 can a system like this handle? I.e. what HNO3 concentration for how long?

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