Decommissioning and inspection of ammonia storage tanks in India

Fertilizer Industrial Services (FIS) engineers in collaboration with advanced inspection services specialists from Global Remote are involved in shut-down, inspection, repairs and commissioning activities of two anhydrous ammonia storage tanks at Deepak Fertilizer (DFPCL) plant in Mumbai, India.

A detailed inspection plan, a HAZOP study and risk assessment were provided prior to decommissioning of ammonia tank.

The detailed commissioning procedure was developed for the following critical steps:

  • Key process parameters
  • Tank heating up process with hot nitrogen vapours
  • Tank valve isolation positions for heating purpose
  • Inerting of system and purging with nitrogen
  • General inerting procedure
  • Gas sampling points and frequency
  • Tank blinding location and specifications
  • DCS over-rides
  • Manway opening sequence
  • Danger of asphyxiant gas
  • Purging the tank with air
Ammonia Know How