Australia: Tassie Shoal Methanol Project

The Tassie Shoal Methanol Project (“TSMP”) is two offshore methanol production plants that are designed to produce methanol from high CO2 feedstock gas. The locating of the plants on Tassie
Shoal followed an exhaustive assessment of the lowest cost and most environmentally acceptable location to site the plants in close proximity to the abundant discovered but undeveloped high CO2 gas resources.
By designing for high CO2 in the feedgas stream, TSMP avoids the need for expensive CO2 separation, transportation and geo-sequestration costs in alternative LNG or domestic sales gas development scenarios.
TSMP design marries proven technologies, with a base concrete gravity structure and with topsides processing based on Davy Process Technology Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) technology.
For each individual TSMP, feedgas of ~200 million standard cubic feet per day (Mscfd) is required, depending upon CO2 content, to enable the production of 5000 tonnes of methanol per day or 1.75million tonnes of methanol per annum. Tassie Shoal site is located adjacent to many undeveloped high CO2 gas resources in the region.
Key Project Details
• Tassie Shoal site water depth: ~14m
• Plant Capacity (each): 1.75MTA
• Single Module Construction
• Platform: Concrete Gravity Structure
• Technology: Davy Process Technology
• Offloading: Single Point Mooring
• Gas feed assumption: 10-30% CO2
• Storage: 20 days production within CGS
• Fabrication Location: South East Asia
• CO2 is utilised in the methanol production process

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