AmmoniaKnowHow welcomes SDS Separation BV, as our new solution provider. SDS welcomes Separation BV, as our new solution provider.

Separation BV is a Dutch Process Technology Company that focuses on the design, engineering and manufacturing of Dutch innovative separation and scrubbing solutions for the energy and process industries worldwide.
Based in Europe and North-East Asia their expertise, know-how and IP-protected solutions deliver customers: Increased Production Rate, Higher Efficiencies, Less Fouling, Lower Emissions, Lean Designs and Short Pay Back Times.

Their innovative products like the SDSµ Separator offers a breakthrough performance and highest efficiency in separating micron-size droplets (demisting) and particles (dedusting) from gas streams.

The SDSµ Scrubber offers a highly efficient scrubbing performance and most efficient gas-liquid separation in both co-current and counter-current solutions.


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