Ammonia Process Safety Management


Ammonia PSM – an industry overview

A strong regulatory environment combined with ever-growing commercial and operating pressures makes the fertilizer industry one of the most challenging.

In fertilizer industry the drive is on to reduce costs by cutting downtime, increasing operational reliability and efficiency while meeting the legislative requirements.

Continuous improvements in manufacturing efficiencies are vital and we know how to provide support at every stage using benchmarking studies, operation and projects support and maintenance improvement methods.

The team behind platform (AKH) is the specialized consultancy company, Fertilizer Industrial Services Ltd. (FIS), providing operation, process safety and reliability engineering expertise to operators and EPCM companies in the fertilizer industry.

Fertilizer Industrial Services Ltd. (FIS) ensure Company safety standards comply with the intent of codes, international and local standards and legislation and can provide support for all project stages from Concept through to Turnover and ongoing support during Operation and Maintenance.

Ammonia Process Safety Management services (random ammonia worker at computer)

Our PSM services

We assist fertilizer manufacturers in overcoming their ammonia PSM challenges in an effective and efficient manner, with a clear understanding of the requirements of sound PSM program design and implementation specifically for nitrogen fertilizer technologies.

Simply speaking, we help operators to answer the following questions:

  • What can go wrong?
  • What systems we must have in place to prevent this happening?
  • Can we make our systems work even more effectively?

Our list of services includes:

  • Failure modes, effects and criticality analysis (FMECA formal safety assessments)
  • Hazard identification and assessment (HAZID)
  • Fire and explosion analysis, mitigation and protection
  • Hazard and operability studies HAZOP (chairing, and conducting close-out)
  • ALARP assessment supported by Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
  • Development of safety arguments, authoring, updating, reviewing and independent auditing of Safety Cases
  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment of hazard and risk from normal and upset conditions
  • Hazard Registers and Risk Management using our proprietary platform
  • Inherent Safety and Design Optimization
  • Regulatory and standards review and assistance
  • Development of project safety related engineering deliverables
  • Inclusion of safety legislation requirements for the operational facility
  • Development of additional process safety, reliability studies and technical notes
  • Development and maintenance of Safety Case and Security Reports

Fertilizer Industrial Services support Nitrogen Fertilizer plants to implement 17 Elements from total of 20 elements of PSM that was initiated by the US Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OHSA) as per Figure 1 below.

The elements marked with red dashed line require technical knowhow and experience in the fertilizer industry.

Figure 1. The 17 elements of PSM program covered by AKH and UKH support (red dashed line)

Figure 1. The 17 elements of PSM program covered by AKH and UKH support (red dashed line)

What is Process Safety Management (PSM)?

PSM is one of the best tools for preventing major hazards impacting safety, business losses and environmental damage.

PSM is an analytical tool, composed of organizational standards, operational procedures, design guidance, audit programs, and other methods.

Large fertilizer manufacturers, process and chemical companies are significant users of PSM methods, particularly where there are hazardous processes or large inventories of flammable or toxic materials.

Ammonia Process Safety management: regulations and compliance folders

Ammonia Process Safety Expertise

Why choose us?

With our extensive experience in operating, maintaining and delivering projects in Ammonia and Urea technologies combined with expert knowledge of all aspects of process safety we can support fertilizer manufacturers in:

  • Protecting their people
  • Protecting their license to operate
  • Eliminating or minimizing the risk of incidents
  • Meeting ever more demanding regulatory requirements
  • Raising stakeholders and public confidence

Any fertilizer company looking for a partner to work with in driving process safety performance needs to have absolute trust and confidence in that partner.

The ideal partner needs to:

Our first engagement with a new customer can come about in many ways and typically involves the delivery of one or more of our services from the safety lifecycle:

When we get started, we are there to support the full beneficial implementation of a solution. Once a good relationship is developed, we can look into building a broader partnership.

Ammonia process safety risk assesment

Nitrogen fertilizer technologies PSM key activities

At all stages of our engagement, we work with customer teams to ensure we maximize the use of local operational experience and share our skills and experience in the fertilizer industry. This approach provides optimum solutions by combining the best practice knowledge with a true understanding of operational needs.

  • Assessment of availability and quality of technical information;
  • Specific technology knowledge and lessons learned from fertilizer industry and external sources;
  • Customizing that information for easy to use/ understand and distribution of it through your organization using your document control system or our proprietary FIORDA platform;
  • Update of the existing process safety documentation and studies as needed;
  • Training materials to institutionalize the new information across organization;
  • Preparation of Company Process Safety Risk Register;
  • Documentation peer review, checking and validation – Engineering & Technical;
  • Development of structured and systematic process used to assess and mitigate risks within the fertilizer operation process;
  • Identification of process hazards based on client documentation and operation status;
  • Identification of additional process related risk and specific control measures.

Ammonia process safety know how

Our Fertilizer Technology Know How develop Fertilizer Industry Operational Risks Database – FIORDA ( – the first global risk register specialised in Ammonia, Urea, Nitric Acid and Methanol technologies. Currently hosting over 1500 incidents and case studies from the fertilizer industry our database grows every day.

All cases are documented, assessed and risk ranked. Protective barriers and mitigation measures are recommended for each individual case.

For 2018, we estimate over 2000 incidents and near misses to be recorded in our FIORDA database covering all project phases from Design to Commissioning and Operation.

If you are interested in exploring this database and its unlimited benefits, please contact us by

Other services include:

Ammonia Know How