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Corrosion Issues in Ammonia and Urea Plants: Causes, Consequences and Safeguard Solutions

On the 25th of March, AmmoniaKnowHow.com will hold a webinar to discuss corrosion issues in ammonia and urea plants. Industry experts and specialists will share their experience. Incidents and case studies will be presented together with the latest technologies for corrosion prevention and mitigation. AmmoniaKnowHow.com webinars are an opportunity for participants to get together in an interactive setting to examine issues related to operation and maintenance of ammonia and urea plants.

Company: Amine Experts
Presenter: Philip Le Grange

Trends in Tragedy - An in depth Study of Amine System Failures

Corrosive failure on an amine system can have a devastating effect on HSE, production and facilities profitability. In this webinar, we present the findings from 131 well-documented cases of corrosion that have occurred in the last 20 years. The most prevalent causes of failure in amine systems are determined and strategies to prevent these are given. The goal of this presentation is to focus the industry’s attention on the highest probability corrosion locations and threats.
Company: The Equity Engineering Group
Presenter: Paul Kowalski

Metal Dusting in Ammonia Production

This presentation will briefly summarize the damage mechanism of Metal Dusting as well as the affected alloys. This presentation will also provide several case studies of Metal Dusting in Ammonia production as well as highlight common, or susceptible areas for Metal Dusting.
Company: Integrated Global Services (IGS)
Presenter: Colin Bateman, NACE certified inspector

Field-Applied Solutions: Practical Experience and Expertise

This presentation will introduce available surface technology solutions to address the corrosion challenges highlighted in the previous sessions in Ammonia and Urea plants.  These systems upgrade the internal surface metallurgy of the process equipment in-situ, installing a suitable alloy that will act as a corrosion barrier to stop the internal metal wastage and degradation.  Enabling aggressive corrosion issues to be addressed during outages and preventative maintenance management strategies to be established, avoiding major maintenance or equipment replacement and costly production downtime from unplanned stoppages or extended shutdowns.
Company: NTT Consultancy
Presenter: Giel Notten

Catastrophic Failures Due to Not Properly Monitored Leak Detection Systems (LDS) in HP Equipment of Urea Plants

Lining and overlay welding are two alternatives for application of corrosion resistant materials in HP equipment of Urea Plants. In case of liner leakage, aggressive ammonium carbamate enters the gap between strength bearing carbon steel and liner causing high corrosion rates at carbon steel with high risk of Break Before Leak. Early and reliable detection is a pre-requisite for safe operation. In this presentation 2 cases are discussed in which the leak detection systems were not properly monitored.
Company: UreaKnowHow.com
Presenter: Mark Brouwer

AMMO LASER Leak Detection System

#1 Safety Measure with a Guaranteed Pay Back Time.
Several Safety Risks threaten Urea High Pressure Equipment like high pressures, high temperatures, various kind of corrosion phenomena, crystallization risks, large volumes and release of toxic ammonia in case of a leak.
A significant number of serious incidents with Urea High Pressure Equipment do still occur in our industry and in 50% a failing leak detection system was one of the main causes. The Risk Register for a 316L Urea Grade Reactor identifies totally 50+ safety risks of which 75% can be prevented by operating a proper leak detection system.
The AMMO LASER Leak Detection System is the most reliable HP Equipment Leak Detection System for loose liners available in the market with a guaranteed  pay back time.

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9 am GMT
4 pm GMT
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