Risk Register

AmmoniaKnowHow members benefit from a tool developed specifically to increase their industry know how and take advantage of previous lessons learnt from other projects and plant operation.

The data contained in the fertilizer risk register will help them to overcome operational and maintenance issues identified in other plants, to prevent accidents and hazards, to manage engineering design and EPCM projects seamlessly by not repeating previous mistakes.

We research the industry experience of various incidents presented within the last 50 years, we receive continuous contribution from our Members and we use our own experience and know how to improve and enhance the knowledge stored in the fertilizer risk register.

With a tabular layout and a clear structure, organized by plant units and by project phase the register is easy to follow and manage. Organizing a large amount of complex information into a compact format allowing focus on key information and delivery simple and understandable reports.

The register is continuously updated and maintained by AmmoniaKnowHow.com, UreaKnowHow.com and Tech Safety Group. Our members are invited to share their incident experience anonymously to increase our plant safety and reliability.

You can access the risk register by becoming a member of AmmoniaKnowHow.com.

If you are already a member of AmmoniaKnowHow.com, to view the Risk Register, please login here.

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